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It's a term that makes many in the public relations and marketing world cringe. To some, it can imply deception and manipulation of the truth. But at Longo Communications, we've taken this term under our wing and offer up a fresh, new look at a tired old stereotype.

Our version of Spin provides clients with accurate, unique and effective vehicles to reach their target audiences as quickly as possible.

Our version of Spin helps inform and educate.

Our version of Spin can help deliver life-saving advice when someone didn't even know they needed it.

How's that for kicking an old, derogatory moniker in its proverbial backside?


Few job titles carry the weight and responsibility as that of a physician. And the medical practices, hospitals and medical device companies who work alongside the doctors have plenty on their plates too. We get it.

We get that you want to deliver a message that will make people think.

We get that you want to deliver a message that will make people care.

We get that you want to deliver a message that will make people ACT.

We get it so well that we've developed what you might call the best practice medicine for healthcare public relations and marketing. Are we speaking your language now?

Spin Doctor

No, we're not talking about the early 90's alt rock band. We're talking about us. At Longo Communications, our clients work daily with a Spin Doctor who understands the healthcare marketplace, its many players and functions—not to mention its alphabet soup of acronyms.

We've also built strong relationships with major media outlets on a local and national level—something our clients have come to count on when they need to deliver a message with pinpoint precision, accuracy and speed.

What we're trying to say is that our learning curve is next to nil. And isn't that what you want when what you have to say can potentially save a life?

Welcome to Longo Communications.

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